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Eyewitness National Maritime Museum

A dramatic view of the Orion Nebula – the nearest star-forming region to the Earth – at the Visions of the Universe exhibition at the National Maritime …

Hunt For Closest Exoplanet Gets Boost From Rare Stellar Alignment

The stars will align for planet hunters twice in the next three years, allowing them to probe the nearest star to our own solar system for Earth-size alien worlds. [More]

On pulling a cosmos out of a non-existent hat . . .

This morning, CH has by implication raised the issue that has been hotly debated recently: getting a cosmos out of “nothing.” I thought it would be helpful to headline my comment: ______________ >>  . . . “Something from nothing” is always problematic. Now, I know I know, here is Ethan Siegel of Science Blogs in… more

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