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NZ photographers shortlisted in Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

Admirers of wildlife photography have the chance to vote for five top images from around the world.The Natural History Museum in Britain has prepared a selection of 25 images from nearly 50,000 submissions entered in the annual…

Jon Garvey on Michael Denton’s Evolution Still a Theory in Crisis

At Hump of the Camel: Not that Denton’s thesis is entirely new. Perhaps the simplest summary is that it is a re-affirmation of his first book questioning the Neodarwinian Synthesis thirty years ago, now strengthened by much work in biology since, combined with a new structuralist viewpoint which he inherits from Richard Owen before and […]

VIBRANT: New virtual research communities to create and share data on biodiversity

Data sharing tools developed by an EU project are helping scientists worldwide understand more about the planet’s millions of species. A new article published on CORDIS and DAE looks into the benefits of the FP7 funded project VIBRANT.

Is this a photo? Is this a slur? Is this an argument?

Over at his Website, Why Evolution is True, Professor Jerry Coyne has written three unintentionally funny posts in the past week. I thought readers of Uncommon Descent might enjoy them, so here goes. Coyne gets taken in by a fake photo of Charles Darwin Recently, Professor Coyne wrote a post titled, What Darwin looked like… more

Fossil insect traces reveal ancient climate, entrapment, and fossilization at La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits have stirred the imaginations of scientists and the public alike for over a century. But the amount of time it took for ancient animals to become buried in asphalt after enduring their gruesome deaths has remained a mystery. Recent…

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