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Scientists in Need of Arts Training

How can universities train our scientists, technologists and engineers to engage with society rather than perform as cogs in the engine of economic development? Author Richard Lachman asks for educational system to require STEM students to take art and humanities courses, not as an attempt to “broaden minds” but as a necessary discussion of morals, ethics and responsibility.

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Just Asking The Right Question May Lead To Moral Behavior

Jedidiah for – Your Universe Online

Are there certain aspects of morality that are objective and universally true everywhere and at all times? Or are moral beliefs nothing more than the subjective product of a person’s culture and opi…

Conscience Legislation Ignores Medical Providers Committed to Giving Patients All Necessary Care

-; Advances in medicine allow doctors to keep patients alive longer, tackle fertility problems and extend the viability of premature babies. They also lead to a growing number of moral questions for …

So Two Atheists Are Playing Cards And One Says to the Other . . .

Watching atheists debate moral issues is fascinating.  Like a man wading a river with water up to his nose and saying “water, what water?” they are up to their noses in irony and yet appear to be completely oblivious to it. Two atheists debating moral issues are like two card players arguing over whether a… more

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