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SMOS maps record soil water before flood

Paris (ESA) Jun 13, 2013

As parts of central Europe are battling with the most extensive floods in centuries, forecasters are hoping that ESA’s SMOS satellite will help to improve the accuracy of flood prediction in the future.

As its name sugg…

Understanding the New Google+ Platform

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) - As Google+ continues to grow, many small business owners have begun to incorporate the platform into their social media strategy. If you are thinking about creating a Google+ page for your small business, consider the tips we discussed in an earlier post, as well as the tips in this post. Recently, [...]

Smart Helmet Monitors Cyclists’ Workout

A tiny sensor embedded inside a bicycle helmet is being promoted as a better alternative for cyclists who want to keep an eye on their heartrate during work-outs.

Bacterium uses natural ‘thermometer’ to trigger diarrheal disease, scientists find

How does the bacterium Shigella — the cause of a deadly diarrheal disease — detect that it’s in a human host? Ohio University scientists have found that a biological "RNA thermometer" monitors whether the environment is right for the bacter…

Epilepsy belt alerts caregivers of kid’s seizure

RICE (US) — Engineering students have designed a belt that monitors signs of epileptic seizures and sends information via Bluetooth to a caregiver’s computer or smart phone. The belt detects increased electrical conductance in the skin and cha…

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