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Mountain erosion may add CO2 to the atmosphere

Scientists have long known that steep mountain ranges can draw carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere — as erosion exposes new rock, it also starts a chemical reaction between minerals on hill slopes and CO2 in the air, ‘weathering’ the rock and u…

Study finds insects are healthier than beef, and you should eat them

As the global population expands and the middle class in developing nations grow, the demand for meat is projected to rise substantially– a major cause for concern. Meat production is high-resource activity, and greater demand could a catastrophic strain of resources like water and land. The solution could be a greater production of insects for […]

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Diamond collection brings deep Earth to the surface

It takes incredible heat and pressure to form a diamond. And when diamonds are formed, microscopic minerals are trapped inside. The chemistry of these minerals, or inclusions, provides a rare look at the processes that led to the formation of Earth’s c…

Possible water on largest solar system asteroid

From Astronomical Journal: In order to search for evidence of hydration on M-type asteroid (16) Psyche, we observed this object in the 3 micron spectral region using the long-wavelength cross-dispersed (LXD: 1.9-4.2 micron) mode of the SpeX spectrograph/imager at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF). Our observations show that Psyche exhibits a 3 micron absorption […]

Geologist explores minerals below Earth’s surface

A geology researcher is going deep below Earth’s surface to understand how some of the most abundant minerals that comprise Earth’s crust change under pressure.

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