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Military Weapon Uses Lasers to Produce ‘Voices’

Are you hearing voices? Say yes and many people might question your sanity. But hearing voices is exactly what the United States military hopes will happen with a weapon it’s currently developing.

The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWD) is build…

Google Employees Are Outraged That The Company Is Working With The Pentagon To Equip Military Drones With AI

Daily Mail: Google is working with the Pentagon to equip military drones with people-tracking AI in secretive ‘Project Maven’ deal, report claims* Google is working with the Department of Defense on secretive ‘Project Maven’* Project Maven is tasked wi…

Dilbert’s Scott Adams and the reproductively effective delusion evolutionary thesis

Sometimes, popular debates and commenters can put their fingers on a key issue, almost in passing. In this case, in addressing the cognitive dissonance issue triggering  many reactions to the rise of Donald Trump to US President-Elect (I confess, my own surprise* . . . ) Dilbert’s Scott Adams has dropped a real clanger of […]

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