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NASA Renews Search for Antarctic Meteorites

Washington DC (SPX) Nov 16, 2016

Three federal entities, including NASA, are reaffirming their commitment to search for Antarctic meteorites, to help learn more about the primitive building blocks of the solar system and answer questions about Eart…

Meteorites reveal lasting drought on Mars

Stirling UK (SPX) Nov 14, 2016

The lack of liquid water on the surface of Mars today has been demonstrated by new evidence in the form of meteorites on the Red Planet examined by an international team of planetary scientists.

In a study led by …

Here’s how to see the spectacular Leonid meteor shower next week

Next week, “shooting stars” will streak across the evening sky as the Leonid meteor shower reaches Earth once more. This once-a-year meteor shower is known to be responsible for many of the most intense displays in history, with meteors dropping at rates as high as 50,000 per hour. However, this year’s event probably won’t rank […]

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Strange ‘Egg Rock’ discovered on Martian surface

While staring at images of Mars’ surface, researchers with NASA’s Curiosity rover recently noticed something strange– a small, round metallic-looking rock – which they dubbed “Egg Rock”. Using its on-board scientific laser, Curiosity was able to test the golf ball-sized rock and determine that it is a metallic meteorite that successfully made it through Mars’ […]

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Maybe solar system formed from “poorly mixed elemental soup”

From ScienceDaily: Planetary scientists have long believed that Earth formed from planetary objects similar to meteorites. Then, a decade ago, perplexing new measurements challenged that assumption by showing that Earth and its supposed “building blocks” actually contain significantly different isotopic compositions. … “These recent measurements contribute to the growing evidence that the meteorites delivered to […]

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