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Effects of intermittent hypoxia on oxidative stress and protein degradation in molluscan mitochondria [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Anna V. Ivanina and Inna M. SokolovaOxygen fluctuations represent a common stressor in estuarine and intertidal environments and can compromise the mitochondrial integrity and function in marine organisms. We assessed the role of mitochondrial protecti…

Intermittent hypoxia leads to functional reorganization of mitochondria and affects cellular bioenergetics in marine molluscs [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Anna V. Ivanina, Irina Nesmelova, Larry Leamy, Eugene P. Sokolov, and Inna M. Sokolova
Fluctuations in oxygen (O2) concentrations represent a major challenge to aerobic organisms and can be extremely damaging to their mitochondria. Marine intertidal m…

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