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Melinda Mills on Sociogenomics

Combining sociology and genetics, Melinda Mills and her collaborators abandon the nature v. nurture controversy for empirical research on family formation, inequality, child-rearing and other real-life concerns. In this Social Science Bites podcast, she discusses this new field of ‘sociogenomics.’

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The evolution and development of vertebrate lateral line electroreceptors [Evolution of electrosensory and electromotor systems]

Clare V. H. Baker, Melinda S. Modrell, and J. Andrew Gillis
Electroreception is an ancient vertebrate sense with a fascinating evolutionary history involving multiple losses as well as independent evolution at least twice within teleosts. We review th…

Let’s get a little behavior genetic

In Slate there is an important piece up, The Early Education Racket, which attempts to reassure upper middle striving types that it isn’t the end of the world if their children don’t get into the right preschool. It is important because there are many …

You’re not from around here, or are you?

OPINION: Being able to tell natives from non-natives is critical, but we need to overhaul the way we go about doing this, cautions Melinda Trudgen and Bruce Webber.

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