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After the Dinosaurs’ Demise, Many Mammals Seized the Day

The first mammals active during both day and night emerged 65.8 million years ago, a study found, just 200,000 years after the event that made dinosaurs go extinct.

Thermal tachypnea in avian embryos [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Kenia C. Bicego and Jacopo P. MortolaMany adult mammals and birds respond to heat with thermal tachypnea, an increase in breathing frequency with shallow tidal volume, with minimal increase in oxygen consumption (VO2). This pattern favors heat dissipat…

Extinction threatens 60% of world’s primates

Sixty percent of the world’s primates face extinction. “We are at a turning point where we must take action or lose many species during the next 50 years.”

Origin of diaphragm pushed back about 50 million years

From ScienceDaily: The researchers conclude that already the least common ancestor of caseids and mammals had a diaphragm more than 300 million years ago — that is about 50 million years earlier than previously assumed. An efficient respiratory system is intertwined with the evolution of warmbloodedness, which in turn molded our entire behavior. This assumed […]

Mammals in the MZNA Vertebrate Collection of University of Navarra, Spain

ZooKeys 634: 137-150
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.634.10207
Authors: Nora Escribano, David Galicia, Arturo H. Ariño, Carmen Escala
Abstract: In this paper five datasets are described that provide information about records of mammals in th…

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