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Prehistoric Mammal Bit Like a Saber Cat, Crunched Like a Bear

This marine mammal’s mouth was the perfect multi-tool for crunching shellfish

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Endogenous retroviruses made us human?

From Carrie Arnold at Nova: One of the few survivors of the asteroid impact 65 million years ago was a small, furry, shrew-like creature that lived in underground burrows and only ventured out at night, when predators weren’t active. The critter—already the product of some 100 million years of evolution—looked like a modern mammal, with […]

Toxic algal bloom tied to Pacific’s warm ‘blob’

The unprecedented West Coast toxic algal bloom of 2015 appears to be linked to the […]

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World’s greatest concentration of unique mammal species is on Philippine island

Where is the world’s greatest concentration of unique species of mammals? A team of American and Filipino authors have concluded that it is Luzon Island, in the Philippines. Their 15-year project, summarized in a paper published in the scientific journ…

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