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Die to evolve

Matt Ridley, author of the book “Genome: the Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters” (2006 Harper Perennial) is known to be a brilliant propagandist of Darwin. Perhaps also for this reason the Wall Street Journal gives him the opportunity to periodically write articles on this topic. In one of these, Ridley candidly writes: “Biological… more

Life Project Architecture

A point that Darwinists make is that anti-Darwinists has not developed any theory for the origins of species, and think that is a weakness. But for an IDer/creationist is not so difficult to have ideas about solutions of the problem of origins. I for one developed a proposal for a theory, and I will illustrate… more

Professor James Tour accepts Nick Matzke’s offer to explain macroevolution

In my last post, A world-famous chemist tells the truth: there’s no scientist alive today who understands macroevolution, I wrote about Professor James Tour, who is one of the ten most cited chemists in the world – and a Darwin skeptic. Professor Tour is not an Intelligent Design proponent, but he is openly skeptical of… more

He said it: Nick Matzke’s complaint against design thinkers and bloggists failing to do homework before “declaring my entire field bogus”

In the ongoing thread on Dr Tour’s declaration of concern regarding macroevolution, Mr Matzke (late of NCSE) has popped up, declaring at 118 (in reply to Groovamos at 109): Here’s the issue. Picture, in your head, all 5000 mammal species currently living on the planet. Now think of how many individuals are in each species… more

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