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Experiment changes everything we know about black holes

A longstanding theory describing what happens to matter before it is consumed by a black hole is wrong, according to new experiments conducted at the planet’s most powerful X-ray scanner and detailed in research published earlier this month in the journal Physical Review Letters. Black holes are regions of spacetime that have gravitational fields so […]

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Searle on Consciousness “Emerging” from a Computer: “Miracles are always possible.”

Thanks to johnnyb for alerting us to John Searle’s talk at Google in his last post.  Johnny said he had only listened to about 45 minutes in when he wrote his post.  Too bad, because the best part of the entire vid is the following colloquy between a questioner and Searle that begins at 58:25: […]

UD Guest Post: Dr Eugen S on “Biological memory vs. memory of materials”

UD has a broad and deep pool of readers and occasional contributors from across the world that have a lot to say, things that are well worth pondering. In this case, I am more than happy to host a guest post in which physicist and computer scientist ES (who hails from Russia) argues the thesis: […]

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