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Researchers perform DNA computation in living cells

Chemists from North Carolina State University have performed a DNA-based logic-gate operation within a human cell. The research may pave the way to more complicated computations in live cells, as well as new methods of disease detection and treatment.

Quantum dot commands light: A solid state ultrafast logic gate on a photon

If you could peek at the inner workings of a computer processor you would see billions of transistors switching back and forth between two states. In optical communications, information from the switches can be encoded onto light, which then travels lo…

In all-optical switch, nanowires manipulate light

U. PENNSYLVANIA (US) — Scientists have developed the first all-optical photonic switch fashioned from nanowires.Researchers combined these photonic switches into a logic gate, a fundamental component of computer chips that process information, which …

Light-based computers? First all-optical nanowire switch

Computers may be getting faster every year, but those advances in computer speed could be dwarfed if their 1s and 0s were represented by light, instead of electricity. Researchers have made an important advance in this frontier of photonics, fashioning…

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