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Hot news: Hydrothermal vents top primordial soup

From at Arunas Radzvilavicius at RealClearScience: A study published last month in Nature Microbiology suggests the last common ancestor of all living cells fed on hydrogen gas in a hot iron-rich environment, much like that within the vents. Advocates of the conventional theory have been sceptical that these findings should change our view of the […]

Live Cell Assays: From Research to Regulatory Applications

  Cell assays include all methods of measurements on living cells. Confined for a long time to research laboratories, these emerging methods have in recent years found industrial applications that are increasingly varied and from now on re…

Researchers perform DNA computation in living cells

Chemists from North Carolina State University have performed a DNA-based logic-gate operation within a human cell. The research may pave the way to more complicated computations in live cells, as well as new methods of disease detection and treatment.


The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a scaffold for tissue engineering or repair. The method includes providing a mixture comprising a degradable hydrogel, a degradable particle, and living cells. The mixture is then incubated under condi…

Breakthrough: Sensors monitor cells at work

Transport proteins are responsible for moving materials such as nutrients and metabolic products through a cell’s outer membrane, which seals and protects all living cells, to the cell’s interior. These transported molecules include sugars, which can b…

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