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How a huge landslide shaped Zion National Park

A Utah mountainside collapsed 4,800 years ago in a gargantuan landslide known as a “rock avalanche,” creating the flat floor of what is now Zion National Park by damming the Virgin River to create a lake that existed for 700 years.
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How To Get Rich In Your Country Of Choice [Infographic]

It’s easy! Just inherit gobs of cash. How do the rich get rich? The answer depends on geography. This infographic, designed by studio BoldFace and published by Independent Newspapers, breaks down, for various regions, how the rich earned their dough. …

How Do You Move An Entire Bridge?

When the Sellwood Bridge in Portland, Oregon, was built in 1925, it wasn’t designed to carry 30,000 vehicles a day. Or to hold back a slow landslide. But by the 1980s, cracks were forming in the bridge’s supports, leading inspectors to rate the bridge …

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