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Junk DNA a successor to Piltdown Man?

Not that you’d ever guess from the story at Scienmag, but It took nearly a half trillion tries before researchers at The University of Texas at Austin witnessed a rare event and perhaps solved an evolutionary puzzle about how introns, non-coding sequences of DNA located within genes, multiply in a genome. The results, published today in […]

Oops: “A Large Proportion of the Mammalian Genome is Functional”

No sooner had Dan Graur finished his talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution this week on how if ENCODE’s conclusion (that much of our genome is functional rather than junk) is true, then evolution is false, but that ENCODE most assuredly is not true, that the human genome… more

‘Junk DNA’ May Not Be So Worthless After All

junk DNA .’ However, a new study from UC San Francisco now emphasizes the potentially important role of DNA residing outside of genes. Researchers discovered that about 85 percent of the previously labeled junk DNA is vital for making RNA, a ver…

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