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Deep Space Communications

  A collection of some of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s space missions selected to represent the planetary communications designs for a progression of various types of missionsThe text uses a case study approach to show the communication…

Debris disks dont need planets to form rings

A new study has found that a debris disk does not need planets to produce narrow rings on its own. “When the mass of gas is roughly equal to the mass of dust, the two interact in a way that leads to clumping in the dust and the formation of patterns,” …

Curiosity Completes Third Drive, Covers 135 Feet In One Day

April Flowers for – Your Universe Online

On Tuesday, July 9, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity drove 135 feet. This was the third drive of a journey of many months from the “Glenelg” area to Mount Sharp.

The mission finished its investigation …

Disk Patterns Not Always Formed In Presence Of Planets

[WATCH VIDEO: It Doesn't Take A Planet To Make A Ring]

April Flowers for – Your Universe Online

Young stars known to host planets generally also have disks containing dust and icy grains, particles produced by collisions among asteroids …

Radio Bursts Discovered From Beyond our Galaxy

Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 10, 2013

Astronomers, including a team member from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., have detected the first population of radio bursts known to originate from galaxies beyond our own Milky Way. The sources…

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