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Scientists in Need of Arts Training

How can universities train our scientists, technologists and engineers to engage with society rather than perform as cogs in the engine of economic development? Author Richard Lachman asks for educational system to require STEM students to take art and humanities courses, not as an attempt to “broaden minds” but as a necessary discussion of morals, ethics and responsibility.

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The Precautionary Principle & GMOs

Via Twitter, I learn that Nassim Taleb, author of the The Black Swan, a mega-selling 2007 book, has some interesting thoughts on biotechnology.
One does not need to prove that GMO are bad, burden of evidence is on the unnatural, on statistical grounds….

Archimedes Separating Myth From Science

For the last time: Archimedes did not invent a death ray.
But more than 2,200 years after his death, his inventions are still driving technological innovations …


Embodiments of the inventions relate to modulating NFAT activity, modulating store-operated Ca2+ entry into a cell and treating and/or preventing hyperactivity or inappropriate immune response by inhibiting the expression or activities of proteins invo…

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