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Jerry Coyne miffed at Alvin Plantinga’s Templeton win

From Jerry himself at Why Evolution Is True: Reader Mark called my attention to the fact that John Templeton Foundation (JTF) has bestowed its annual Templeton Prize on someone who’s not only a deeply misguided religious philosopher, but also has promoted intelligent design and criticized naturalism. Thanks to Jerry for spelling that out… Having made […]

Hubert Yockey, 1916-2016, and His Contributions to the Intelligent Design Movement

I was sad to recently realize that Hubert Yockey passed earlier (in January) this year. Hubert Yockey, though he personally was against Intelligent Design, made many contributions to science that many of us within the ID community view as pro-ID work. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on his contributions as […]

Walking dead mainstream media have yet to notice Royal Society meeting on new trends in evolutionary biology

The most serious event in this field in decades: Finally, the ongoing conflict between Darwinism and  evolution has made it to the top of the In Tray. And are we seeing much notice from the pop science media? Not if you go by the first page on Google, appended (18:30 EST). Now, the good news […]

Physicist Rob Sheldon: What ID is really about

It is about understanding the role of information in nature. He  writes: If “conservation of energy” was a really big thing in the 19th century, it was because it made a non-material, yet indestructible thing, explicitly existent. Equally significant was Einstein’s claim in the 20th century that matter could be converted into energy. At this point, […]

Darwin freakout 2016: ID as threat to education

From a paper at Perspectives in Science (October 15, 2016): Science Standards: The foundation of evolution education in the United States Abstract: Science standards and textbooks have a huge impact on the manner in which evolution is taught in American classrooms. Standards dictate how much time and what points have to be dedicated to the […]

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