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Forbes regrets to inform us that there is no evidence for a multiverse yet.

From Sabine Hossenfelder at Forbes: … the LHC found the Higgs but no evidence for anything new besides that. No supersymmetry, no extra-dimensions, no black holes, no fourth generation, nothing. This means that the Higgs-mass just sits there, boldly unnatural. Enter the multiverse. The multiverse idea states that there are infinite numbers of Universes like […]

Re: The Viability of an Infinite Past

Over in this thread, a number of us have been having a discussion with daveS regarding the alleged possibility of an actually infinite past. DaveS seems to think that an infinite past is a perfectly viable model that does not entail any logical contradictions.  Various arguments for the necessary finitude of the past were offered […]

Paignton Zoo monkeys produce Notes to Shakespeare ‘s works

Fulfilling Thomas Huxley’s famous assertion, sort of. Hat tip Oliver Moody, for this item: Notes Towards the Complete Works of Shakespeare were produced in response to the familiar idea that if an infinite number of monkeys are given typewriters for an infinite amount of time, they will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. It was […]

HeKS is on a Roll

In comments to my last post HeKS absolutely lays waste to two materialists who are trying to punch way above their weight.  First, Pindi spews out the million-times-rebutted claim that there is “no evidence” for the existence of God. Pindi: And its not that I don’t want to believe in something that is god-like and […]

Kirk Durston: Earth most special planet after all?

From Kirk Durston, in response to Ethan Siegel at Forbes, “Humanity May Be Alone In The Universe” (an unusual commonsensical approach to the question of extraterrestrial civilizations) at Contemplations: From a materialistic, evolutionary perspective, our technologically advanced civilization is almost certainly unique in the universe. Indeed, if the origin of life is so improbable that […]

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