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The Riemann Hypothesis

Jørgen Veisdal, Medium: The Riemann Hypothesis, explainedIn loving memory of John Forbes Nash Jr.You remember prime numbers, right? Those numbers you can’t divide into other numbers, except when you divide them by themselves or 1? Right. Here is a 3…

Pigeons use distinct stop phases to control pecking [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Leslie M. Theunissen, Thomas Reid, and Nikolaus F. TrojePecking at small targets requires accurate spatial coordination of the head. Goodale (1983a) suggested that planning of the peck happens during two distinct stop phases, but although this idea ha…

Qubits in brain can make it a quantum computer?

From Jennifer Ouellette at Quanta: The mere mention of “quantum consciousness” makes most physicists cringe, as the phrase seems to evoke the vague, insipid musings of a New Age guru. But if a new hypothesis proves to be correct, quantum effects might indeed play some role in human cognition. Matthew Fisher, a physicist at the […]

Astrophysicist: No, space aliens are never the answer to mystery radio signals

From astrophysicist Paul Sutter at An unusually strong signal from a sun-like star. A repeated pattern that seems too precise to be natural. Bleeps and bloops from unknown sources with head-scratching signatures. Sure, there’s a ton of stuff in space that could potentially maybe kind-of-sort-of create those signals, but could this … be it? […]

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