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NSF awards $36.6 million in new food-energy-water system grants

Today, the number of humans alive on our planet is 7.5 billion. By 2087, projections show, 11 billion people will be living on Earth.
How will we continue to have a sustainable supply of food, energy and water, and protect the ecosystems that provide…

International team of scientists presents evidence that the oldest pre-humans lived 7.2 Ma ago on the Balkans

An international scientific team from Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, France and Australia, headed by Professor Madelaine Böhme (The Senckenberg Centre for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen) and Professor Nikolai …

We’ve created a ‘bubble’ around the Earth

The effects of human activity have long been cited as a primary cause of global climate change, but new research from NASA has revealed that our use of technology also appears to be having an impact not just on the planet, but on Earth’s near-space environment as well. As the US space agency announced on […]

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Guardian: Will religion survive when the space aliens land?

Yesterday, we heard from the people who think they know why we might never hear from alien civilizations. Today’s turn goes to Santhosh Mathew at the Guardian, who wonders if religion will survive if we do hear from them: The interaction with alien life is not just being discussed in the domain of philosophy any […]

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