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Polarized object detection in crabs: a two-channel system [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Melanie Ailin Basnak, Veronica Perez-Schuster, Gabriela Hermitte, and Martin Beron de AstradaMany animal species take advantage of polarization vision for vital tasks such as orientation, communication, and contrast enhancement. Previous studies have …

Can parasitic plants use hosts’ genes against them?

From ScienceDaily: Sneaky parasitic weeds may be able to steal genes from the plants they are attacking and then use those genes against the host plant, according to a team of scientists. In a study, researchers detected 52 incidents of the nonsexual transfer of DNA — known as horizontal gene transfer, or HGT — from […]

Horizontal gene transfer: Researchers believe any two major groups of organisms can share genetic codes

This is not the “evolution” your high school textbook set forth. That stuff was Darwinism, plain and simple. From Kelly Robinson and Julie Dunning Hotopp at The Scientist Scientists now recognize that microbes transfer DNA to the plants, fungi, and animals they infect or reside in, and conversely, human long interspersed elements (LINEs) have been […]

Spatial learning in the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis: preference for vertical over horizontal information [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Gabriella Scata, Christelle Jozet-Alves, Celine Thomasse, Noam Josef, and Nadav Shashar
The world is three-dimensional; hence, even surface-bound animals need to learn vertical spatial information. Separate encoding of vertical and horizontal spatial …

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