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Did Pluto get tipped over?

From Daniel Stolte at University of Arizona News: Sputnik Planitia, a 1,000-kilometer-wide basin within the iconic heart-shaped region observed on Pluto’s surface, could be in its present location because accumulation of ice made the dwarf planet roll over, creating cracks and tensions in the crust that point toward the presence of a subsurface ocean. Published […]

New Horizons finally finished transmitting its Pluto data

This week marked the end of an era for NASA researchers, as the space agency’s New Horizons mission transmitted the last data collected during its history-making July 2015 flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto via downlink to the Deep Space Network  facility in Canberra, Australia. “The Pluto system data that New Horizons collected has amazed […]

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Last Bits of 2015 Pluto Flyby Data Received on Earth

Laurel MD (SPX) Oct 28, 2016

NASA’s New Horizons mission reached a major milestone this week when the last bits of science data from the Pluto flyby – stored on the spacecraft’s digital recorders since July 2015 – arrived safely on Earth.


Why Pluto ‘Is the New Mars’

Thanks to all the information pouring in from NASA’s New Horizons mission, Pluto is making a comeback. As New Horizons principle investigator Alan Stern says, “Pluto is the new Mars” – and that’s not just because of its rising popularity.


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