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The answer is blowing in the wind: free flying honeybees can integrate visual and mechano-sensory inputs for making complex foraging decisions [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Sridhar Ravi, Jair E. Garcia, Chun Wang, and Adrian DyerBees navigate in complex environments using visual, olfactory and mechano-sensorial cues. In the lowest region of the atmosphere the wind environment can be highly unsteady and bees employ fine m…

Animals, abstraction, arithmetic and language

During the past two weeks, over at Evolution News and Views, Professor Michael Egnor has been arguing that it is the capacity for abstract thought which distinguishes humans from other animals, and that human language arises from this capacity. While I share Dr. Egnor’s belief in human uniqueness, I have to take issue with his […]

Honeybees Have Personalities (Sort Of)

Honeybees may seem like nature’s perfect little automatons: organized, efficient, self-sacrificing. But in reality the insects are imperfect individuals. Their dance language is sloppy and imprecise. They lose self-control when they’re hungry. And, a …

Evidence of trapline foraging in honeybees [SHORT COMMUNICATION]

Alexis Buatois and Mathieu LihoreauCentral-place foragers exploiting floral resources often use multi-destination routes (traplines) to maximise their foraging efficiency. Recent studies on bumblebees have showed how solitary foragers can learn traplin…

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