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BTB, BobO’H vs the trillion-member observational base of FSCO/I and the design inference on reliable sign

It seems we need more back to basis by us deplorable lightweight ID-iots, again. Here, Bob O’H refuses to take the trillion member case observational base that functionally specific complex organisation and/or associated information [FSCO/I for short] is a reliable sign of intelligently directed configuration as key causal factor. Accordingly, in the answering ID is […]

What if nothing but feathers sets a species apart?

For decades, conservationists have considered blue-winged warblers a threat to golden-winged warblers, a species under […]

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Scientists In Hong Kong Discover New Golden Tree Ant Species

Move over, Yellowjacket. This golden ant species could be the new warriors on Ant-Man’s team.

The herbal remedy EVERYONE should know about: Turmeric golden honey can fight weight gain, relieve pain and combat inflammation

(NaturalNews) You might have heard about the many health benefits of turmeric – or maybe you still think of this popular spice as only belonging in your spice rack. Either way, you may be surprised to find out that a simple combination of turmeri…

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