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Scientists in Need of Arts Training

How can universities train our scientists, technologists and engineers to engage with society rather than perform as cogs in the engine of economic development? Author Richard Lachman asks for educational system to require STEM students to take art and humanities courses, not as an attempt to “broaden minds” but as a necessary discussion of morals, ethics and responsibility.

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The era of stratospheric geoengineering: Chemtrails, greenhouse-grown organic food, and the future of planet earth

With all the information coming out in recent years about geoengineering, or chemtrails, we must begin to ask ourselves certain questions about the impacts on our health, our food, and our planet. There are obvious human-health-related and planetary-ec…

Greedy Algae May Thwart Ocean Fertilization Efforts

Another study shows iron fertilization may not be a great solution to climate change. One idea for removing excess carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere may not work as well as advertised, according to a new study. The problem arises from extra-g…

Would-Be Geoengineers Call for Research Guidelines

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions, redefining floodplains and building sea walls may not be enough to protect against the most devastating climate change impacts like fires, floods, heat waves and drought. As a result, some are pushing scientists to exp…

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