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Genetically modified tobacco plants are provided having altered hexose accumulation. Methods are provided for producing ethanol from fermentation of tobacco biomass derived from the tobacco plants having altered hexose accumulation. The altered hexose …

Should genetically modified organisms be part of our conservation efforts?

By Fern Wickson, GenØk – Centre for Biosafety Biotechnology is rapidly evolving through developments in genome editing and synthetic biology, giving birth to new forms of life. This technology has already given us genetically modified (GM) plan…

Can a trio of methods save American chestnuts?

Three methods for bringing American chestnut trees back to North American forests can now converge, […]

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Franken-ants to help us study epigenetics?

Who thought twenty years ago we’d be reading science releases like this ? From Jeffrey M. Perkel at The Scientist: The idea of establishing an ant colony as a model system for epigenetics dates back nearly 12 years to a conversation Reinberg had with Shelley Berger, an epigeneticist at the University of Pennsylvania. Berger had […]

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