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How fruit flies pick a mate in just 15 minutes

Female fruit flies only need 15 minutes to process the sights, smell, sounds, and touch that determine “Mr. Right.” Researchers … Continued

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Dog gene holds clues for neural tube defects

UC DAVIS  (US) — Scientists have discovered a gene related to neural tube defects in dogs, as well as evidence that the gene may be a key risk factor for anencephaly and spina bifida in humans. Human neural tube defects affect more than 300,000 babi…

Oops: “A Large Proportion of the Mammalian Genome is Functional”

No sooner had Dan Graur finished his talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution this week on how if ENCODE’s conclusion (that much of our genome is functional rather than junk) is true, then evolution is false, but that ENCODE most assuredly is not true, that the human genome… more

Bull fertility may hinge on gene diversity

PENN STATE (US) — In trying to understand dwindling fertility rates in cattle, researchers find the Y chromosomes of cattle have far more genes than other mammals. This discovery may help biologists better understand how cattle and other mammals evo…

Understanding bulls’ gene-rich Y chromosomes may improve herd fertility

The Y chromosomes of cattle have more genes and are more active than the Y chromosomes of other primates, according to researchers.
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