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Cats don’t believe in evolution. They believe in servants. Humans are best. We have hands. They’re so convenient.

Seriously, from ScienceDaily: The brains of wild cats don’t necessarily respond to the same evolutionary pressures as those of their fellow mammals, humans and primates, indicates a surprising new study. … Arguably, the fact that people and monkeys have particularly large frontal lobes is linked to their social nature. But cheetahs are also social creatures […]

Brain region responsible for the ‘placebo effect’ identified

By using functional magnetic resonance brain imaging (fMRI) technology, researchers from the  Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) and Northwestern University have identified the part of the human brain responsible for the pain-relief phenomenon known as the placebo effect. As reported earlier this week by Psych Central and the Pain News Network, Dr. Marwan Baliki, a […]

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