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Einstein in four *spatial* dimension

Why many physicists chose to define the universe in terms of the physical properties of a time or space-time dimension instead of four *spatial* dimensions is puzzling because, as was shown in the earlier article "Defining time" Sept 20, 2007 there is no observational evidence supporting it having physical properties.  Gravity and space-time But even […]

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A Box of ‘Black Magic’ to Study Earth from Space

Pasadena CA (JPL) Nov 09, 2016

Black magic… That’s what radiofrequency engineers call the mysterious forces guiding communications over the air. These forces involve complex physics and are difficult enough to master on Earth. They only get more …

A general relationship links gait mechanics and running ground reaction forces [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Kenneth P. Clark, Laurence J. Ryan, and Peter G. WeyandThe relationship between gait mechanics and running ground reaction forces is widely regarded as complex. This viewpoint has evolved primarily via efforts to explain the rising-edge of vertical fo…

The comparative hydrodynamics of rapid rotation by predatory appendages [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

M. J. McHenry, P. S. L. Anderson, S. Van Wassenbergh, D. G. Matthews, A. P. Summers, and S. N. Patek
Countless aquatic animals rotate appendages through the water, yet fluid forces are typically modeled with translational motion. To elucidate the hydr…

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