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Google Employees Are Outraged That The Company Is Working With The Pentagon To Equip Military Drones With AI

Daily Mail: Google is working with the Pentagon to equip military drones with people-tracking AI in secretive ‘Project Maven’ deal, report claims* Google is working with the Department of Defense on secretive ‘Project Maven’* Project Maven is tasked wi…

US Government Declassifies Cold War Nuclear Test Footage

Hundreds of films showing US nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1962 have been found, analyzed and declassified by physicists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), officials at the California-based research facility announced this week in a statement. According to the laboratory, the US conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests over that span, and each […]

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Dozens of angry bees attack giant spider in incredible footage

A bee farmer has captured the moment dozens of bees attacked a fishing spider who crawled a little too close to their hive.Zaur Man, a bee farmer in Charleston, South Carolina, shared the astonishing footage on his YouTube page.The…

Watch Gorgeous New Footage Of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Launches

SpaceX has released new footage of its Falcon 9 rockets launching in gorgeous slow motion. The reel features launches from May, July and December, highlighting moments from takeoff, separation, re-entry and landing.

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