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Consequences from Antarctica climate change

New research reveals how a single warming event in Antarctica may be an indication of future ecosystem changes. Stationed in East Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys — a polar desert that’s among the driest places on Earth — the research team studied th…

NOAA Captures The Extent Of Louisiana’s Flooding In Aerial Images

As US President Obama prepares to tour the areas of Louisiana and get a close-up look at the communities hit hard by last week’s flooding, NOAA released aerial imagery of the flood, offering a broader perspective.

Baton Rouge Drone Company Films Louisiana Flooding

When the water rises, what can you do? When torrential rains led to massive flooding in Louisiana, the floodwaters displaced thousands of people. Getting to shelter is the most important thing, but for many, the most urgent question on their mind once …

NASA analyzes deadly Louisiana flooding

Record-setting rainfall and flooding in southern Louisiana have been calculated at NASA with data from satellites.
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