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Only 3 Toronto beaches safe for swimming this weekend

A red flag at Cherry Beach warns swimmers the water has a very high bacteria level on July 12, 2013. (VERONICA HENRI/QMI Agency) TORONTO – Life is not a beach – at least not this weekend. Only three of the city’s 11 beaches are fit for swimming …

Spacecraft the size of a loaf of bread may study deep space

Computerworld – Engineers at the University of Michigan are looking to use spacecraft the size of a loaf of bread to study interplanetary space faster and cheaper. Scientists at the school are building a plasma thruster that could push a small satellit…

Order, Organization, Disorder, Disorganization — the role of specification in perception of design

Can I find examples that can fit any of the four following descriptions? are some even impossible in principle? [Assume first that the artifact in question has high improbability (like a set of a million coins or as stream of a million bits) or high Shannon entropy. Also assume by “disordered” I mean Kolmogorov simple… more

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