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What role should courts have in fighting climate change?

A federal trial took a surprising turn when an oil company lawyer largely accepted the science around climate change but not the blame. Two Stanford University experts discussed the case.

Fighting over wives: Darwinism fits human conflicts into mold, chops off what doesn’t fit

From Sal Perkins, describing indigenous Panamanian customs at MEL: I first heard about the fights at Mi Lucha from my fellow expats in Volcan. The legend they perpetuate is that these impromptu street-boxing matches between Ngäbe men are for each other’s wives. Specifically, the wife of the loser can go with the winner of the […]

Cancer-fighting 13-year-old raises 13,000 pounds of food for the poor

(NaturalNews) A 13-year-old teen fighting a rare type of cancer has provided an inspiring example by turning her wish from the Make-a-Wish Foundation into a food drive for needy people.Emma Allred’s selfless generosity resulted in the donation of more …

Obama Orders Pentagon To Plan For Climate Change

“Climate change poses a significant and growing threat to national security, both at home and abroad,” declared a memorandum from the White House to the heads of executive departments and agencies. With the United States about to enter its …

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