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Holding tight on feathers – structural specializations and attachment properties of the avian ectoparasite Crataerina pallida (Diptera, Hippoboscidae) [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Dennis S. Petersen, Nils Kreuter, Lars Heepe, Sebastian Büsse, Arndt H. J. Wellbrock, Klaudia Witte, and Stanislav N. GorbThe louse fly Crataerina pallida is an obligate blood-sucking ecto-parasite of the common swift Apus apus. Due to reducti…

That Thing With Feathers Trapped in Amber? It Was a Dinosaur Tail

A Chinese paleontologist’s discovery in an amber market is offering new insights into the evolution of feathers.

What Fossilized Feathers Can Tell Us About Dino Colors

Researchers have identified beta-keratin near microbodies in the feathers of a 130 million-year-old bird, hinting at its possible color.

Testosterone activates sexual dimorphism including male-typical carotenoid but not melanin plumage pigmentation in a female bird [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Willow R. Lindsay, Douglas G. Barron, Michael S. Webster, and Hubert Schwabl
In males it is frequently testosterone (T) that activates the expression of sexually selected morphological and behavioral displays, but the role of T in regulating similar t…

What if nothing but feathers sets a species apart?

For decades, conservationists have considered blue-winged warblers a threat to golden-winged warblers, a species under […]

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