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Melinda Mills on Sociogenomics

Combining sociology and genetics, Melinda Mills and her collaborators abandon the nature v. nurture controversy for empirical research on family formation, inequality, child-rearing and other real-life concerns. In this Social Science Bites podcast, she discusses this new field of ‘sociogenomics.’

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Language and cranial features linked, developed at same time?

From ScienceDaily: The formation of different languages and language groupings appears to have happened in the same broad period and geographical locations as the development of facial features in various human populations, according to linguistics professor, Gerhard Jäger, and paleoanthropologists, Professor Katerina Harvati and Dr. Hugo Reyes-Centeno. In their study, the researchers examined 265 skulls […]

Checklist of the continental fishes of the state of Chiapas, Mexico, and their distribution

ZooKeys 632: 99-120
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.632.9747
Authors: Ernesto Velázquez-Velázquez, Jesús Manuel López-Vila, Adán Enrique Gómez-González, Emilio Ismael Romero-Berny, Jorge Luis Lievano-Trujillo, Wilfredo A. Matamoros

Children raised by gay parents aren’t any different from their peers, study finds

Children adopted by homosexual parents appear to be as well-adjusted through middle childhood as those raised by heterosexual mothers and fathers, according to research published last week by the American Psychological Association (APA) journal Developmental Psychology. In the study, Dr. Rachel H. Farr, an assistant professor in the University of Kentucky Department of Psychology, recruited […]

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