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Public Safety During Severe Weather and Other Disasters Could Be Improved With Better Alert Systems and Improved Understanding of Social and Behavioral Factors

A more cohesive alert and warning system that integrates public and private communications mechanisms and adopts new technologies quickly is needed to deliver critical information during emergency situations. At the same time, better understanding of …

Older fathers are more likely to have ‘geekier’ sons

Men who wait until they are older to have children are more likely to have sons who are “geeks,” meaning that they tend to be more intelligent, more focused, and more socially distant, according to new research published online Tuesday in the journal Translational Psychiatry. The study was led by Magdalena Janecka from King’s College […]

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Fidel Castro passes on

Overnight, his brother and successor Raul announced the death of the former longest serving non-royal head of a state. While we must condole with those who mourn, we must also recognise his very mixed legacy, as a Communist dictator leading a state that — per fair comment — has been very un-free and hampered in […]

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