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What next? Physical law as an alien intelligence?

Yes. From astrophysicist Caleb Sharf at Nautilus: Alien life could be so advanced it becomes indistinguishable from physics. After all, if the cosmos holds other life, and if some of that life has evolved beyond our own waypoints of complexity and technology, we should be considering some very extreme possibilities. Today’s futurists and believers in […]

Fuzzy Arbitrary Order System: Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations and Applications

  Presents a systematic treatment of fuzzy fractional differential equations as well as newly developed computational methods to model uncertain physical problemsComplete with comprehensive results and solutions, Fuzzy Arbitrary Order Syst…

Movement Equations 1: Location, Kinematics and Kinetics

  The set of books on Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics, of which this book is the first volume, is an essential tool for those looking to develop a rigorous knowledge of the discipline, whether students, professionals (in search …

1,001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies (1-Year Online Subscription)

  Questions about equations?  Inequalities have you in a quandary?\Fear not, help is here. Your one-year, renewable, online subscription to 1,001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies gives you 1,001 opportunities to practice solvi…

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