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Searle on Consciousness “Emerging” from a Computer: “Miracles are always possible.”

Thanks to johnnyb for alerting us to John Searle’s talk at Google in his last post.  Johnny said he had only listened to about 45 minutes in when he wrote his post.  Too bad, because the best part of the entire vid is the following colloquy between a questioner and Searle that begins at 58:25: […]

We cannot upload ourselves to virtual reality…

… because we aren’t really anyone anyway, says neuroscientist. From Cody Delistraty, interviewing neurocientist Thomas Metzinger (Being No One, 2003) at Nautilus: We know there is a robust experience of self-consciousness; I don’t doubt this. The question is how could something like that emerge in evolution in an information-processing system like the human brain? Can […]

Emergence and ontogenetics: Towards a communication without agent

In the scientific community, discussions about emergence are motivated by a need to understand the process by which complex systems exhibit novel characteristics that cannot be reduced to those of their parts. The whole is thus said to be greater than…

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