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Dog gene holds clues for neural tube defects

UC DAVIS  (US) — Scientists have discovered a gene related to neural tube defects in dogs, as well as evidence that the gene may be a key risk factor for anencephaly and spina bifida in humans. Human neural tube defects affect more than 300,000 babi…

You and your dog may share this condition

U. MISSOURI (US) — Some people possess a small number of cells in their bodies that are not genetically their own—a condition known as microchimerism.Now, researchers have found that microchimerism can be found in dogs as well.

Clorox hate-speech ad smears fathers as clueless dogs; boycott Burt’s Bees products

Have you had enough yet of the dad bashing frequently seen in the media? According to sitcoms and TV commercials, men are complete idiots who wouldn’t even know how to put their own underwear on straight if it weren’t for their wives telling them how t…

Keep your dog cool in summer with 10 DIY home remedies to prevent overheating

Keep your dog cool as summer sizzles its way back into season. Summer signals the time when dogs are ready for hiking, fetching, and other outdoor play. Hot summer days can be deadly to our pets unless we protect them from overheating from heat stroke….

The four million year odyssey of the horse

The horse is a beautiful animal.* That is not a trivial matter, but there is the added fact that historically it is has been of great consequence. Obviously the rise of horses as vehicles of war is preeminent in our minds, but on a more prosaic level d…

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