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What’s inside dwarf planet Ceres? New study has the answer

While photos cannot reveal the interior of the dwarf planet Ceres, scientists have used data on its gravitational effects to determine what the insides of the celestial body might look like. Ceres is the largest object in our Solar System’s asteroid belt and NASA’s Dawn probe entered into orbit around the protoplanet in April of […]

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Animals, abstraction, arithmetic and language

During the past two weeks, over at Evolution News and Views, Professor Michael Egnor has been arguing that it is the capacity for abstract thought which distinguishes humans from other animals, and that human language arises from this capacity. While I share Dr. Egnor’s belief in human uniqueness, I have to take issue with his […]

Europe, Siberia and in between: Caucasian populations of non-biting midges

01 Jul 2015A research in the North Caucasus, conducted by a group of Russian scientists over three years, has revealed an intermediate distribution of Caucasian populations of non-biting midges between Europe and Siberia. Their observations also proved…

Is your ‘gluten-free’ or ‘vegan’ diet truly healthy?

Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan are all the rage these days. Many people, whether they have a food allergy or not, believe that foods with these and other common labeling distinctions are automatically healthier than other foods. But do you really k…

A corrective to some remarks regarding first principles of reason, showing that such first principles are just that . . .

It seems I need to headline a corrective footnote on basic reasoning, from an ongoing exchange in a current discussion thread: ________ >> I decided to take a look around via Google. It was saddening but unsurprising to see the party-spirited objections to first principles of reason coming from the circle of objector sites. Inadvertently, they… more

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