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Michael Denton’s Evolution (Still) a Theory in Crisis a Spectator “Best Book”?

From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News & Views: Wow, congratulations to Discovery Institute biologist Michael Denton! He has won richly deserved praise in the London Spectator. In a feature highlighting “The best and worst books of 2016,” with choices from a panel of contributors, the distinguished literary critic A.N. Wilson selects Evolution: Still a Theory […]

Darwin freakout 2016: ID as threat to education

From a paper at Perspectives in Science (October 15, 2016): Science Standards: The foundation of evolution education in the United States Abstract: Science standards and textbooks have a huge impact on the manner in which evolution is taught in American classrooms. Standards dictate how much time and what points have to be dedicated to the […]

“Jesus Christ Our Intelligent Designer”

The famous co-author of the book The Genesis Flood has recently written the book: Jesus Christ Our Intelligent Designer: An Evaluation of the Intelligent Design Movement. To my knowledge, the Discovery Institute nor any high ranking ID proponent has had anything to say about this book, written by a very prominent creationist. From Amazon: Is… more

Student of pseudo science Glenn Branch fights students of real science

Now that Eugenie Scott is retiring Director of the NCSE, I nominate Elizabeth Liddle as Eugenie’s replacement. But in the meantime the NCSE might have to count on their Deputy Director Glenn Branch to fill in until they find Eugenie’s replacement. In paging through the NCSE website, I found something that made me chuckle. Glenn… more

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