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Microsoft’s Surface Studio Is A Tablet And Desktop In One Device

The hinges on Microsoft’s new desktop allow users to swivel the machine down so it can function as a desktop studio device.

China’s new supercomputer blows everything else out the water

Until very recently the fastest supercomputer in the world belonged to China. It has now been replaced by the Sunway TaihuLight – also from China. In fifteen years China has gone from having zero supercomputers in the top 500 to having more than any other country. Oh, and the TaihuLight uses chips made solely in China. It will be 2018 before anything faster comes […]

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OneNote 2013 For Dummies

  A quick guide to using Microsoft OneNote on tablets, online, or on your desktopOneNote is the note-taking-and-sharing application that’s part of Microsoft Office. It lets you create notes by hand, as audio, or by clipping items from othe…

View the world from space on your desktop with Desktop Earth

Let's be frank: the regular Windows wallpapers are a little dull. And setting up a more dynamic system can take quite some time, as for instance you research different wallpaper changers, and …

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