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The quantum properties of non-point particles

Quantum theory: it’s unreal We know that everything in the universe including particles have physical size. Even so for the past 50 years, the Standard Model of particle physics which many say has given us the most complete mathematical description of the particles and forces that shape our world ignores this fact and treats them […]

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Sexual morphs of Pterocomma tremulae Börner, 1940 (Aphididae, Aphidinae) with description of male reproductive system

ZooKeys 686: 125-136
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.686.14493
Authors: Agnieszka Nowińska, Ewa Mróz, Łukasz Depa
Abstract: Paper presents the first description of the so far unknown sexual generation of Pterocomma tremulae (Aphididae, Aph…

Design the cover for: Naturalism and Its Alternatives in Scientific Methodologies

From Johnny Bartlett at the Blyth Institute: Description of the organization and its target audience We do research and education in biology, engineering, and computer science focusing on new avenues of research. This is for a book investigating alternative approaches to scientific and academic discovery and analysis. Content details Description We need a cover for […]

Is time a geometric property of space? No need for a fourth dimension?

From James M. Chappell et al. at Frontiers in Physics: The proper description of time remains a key unsolved problem in science. Newton conceived of time as absolute and universal which “flows equably without relation to anything external.” In the nineteenth century, the four-dimensional algebraic structure of the quaternions developed by Hamilton, inspired him to […]

UD Guest Post: Dr Eugen S on “Biological memory vs. memory of materials”

UD has a broad and deep pool of readers and occasional contributors from across the world that have a lot to say, things that are well worth pondering. In this case, I am more than happy to host a guest post in which physicist and computer scientist ES (who hails from Russia) argues the thesis: […]

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