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Brexit McCarthyism, Universities PLC and the Erosion of Academic Freedom in the UK

Last week the UK academic world was abuzz about Chris Heaton- Harris’ letter on Brexit. This week it’s not. This lack of lasting public interest in threats to academic freedom is lamentable even as the corporatization of the nation’s universities is the biggest threat facing academic life and flies completely under the public’s radar, argues Daniel Nehring.

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Evolving Door: Moving from Researcher to Research Manager

In this archived hour-long seminar, Social Science Space blogger Robert Dingwall discusses the organizational requirements and the useful skills that can be built to support the individual who wants to be a reasearch manager and the ecosystem — in both social science and STEM settings — that can support such striving.

The Stern Review of the REF – An economist against markets!

Historically, UK public universities have received two main funding streams from government – T for teaching and R for research. Although these are calculated by reference to subject mix and other weighting factors, they arrive as a block grant for university managements to distribute according to their own strategic decision. The T stream has been […]

Response to Nehring: What’s the point of British sociology?

Daniel Nehring’s recent post exemplifies the reasons why contemporary British sociology struggles. It has become a discipline that does not much understand or like its host society – and then wonders why that society is reluctant to give it a hearing or pay for its existence. Nehring begins with some sweeping generalizations about how wonderful […]

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