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Presidential Elections and Party Unity

As we head toward the 2016 nominating conventions, both presumptive nominees Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton face questions about their ability to unify their parties around their candidacies, both at the political elite level and the grass roots level.

IRS engaged in ‘outrageous abuse of power’ warns top Democrat

After years of political gridlock in D.C., lawmakers of competing parties are finally coming to agreement on one thing: The Obama administration is rife with corruption, as a spate of scandals which have rocked the White House since the president’s sec…

South Carolina ex-governor Mark Sanford wins U.S. House seat

Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford makes a point to the moderators during a debate with Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in Charleston, South Carolina April 29, 2013. (REUTERS/Randall Hill) CHARLESTON, S.C. – Republican former Governor Mark Sa…

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