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Free online tool could help women decide on breast reconstruction

A new study published in Psycho-Oncology has revealed that a free web-based decision aid that helps women with breast cancer make decisions regarding reconstruction surgery after mastectomy is likely cost-effective. BRECONDA (Breast Reconstruction De…

Scott Adams on responsible, rational freedom (as the machines take over)

. . . as in, it’s a delusion: >>When the machines take over our important decisions we will do the same thing we do now – we will imagine that we are making the decisions on our own. Today our important decisions are made with emotions, and rationalized after the fact. We incorrectly call this […]

Collective strategy for obstacle navigation during cooperative transport by ants [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Helen F. McCreery, Zachary A. Dix, Michael D. Breed, and Radhika Nagpal
Group cohesion and consensus have primarily been studied in the context of discrete decisions, but some group tasks require making serial decisions that build on one another. We e…

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