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Academy of Social Sciences Names 69 New Fellows

Sixty-nine academics, practitioners and policymakers from across the social sciences are now fellows of Britain’s Academy of Social Sciences the venerable society announced Thursday. Fellows are chosen after an extensive peer review process for the excellence and impact of their work using social science for public benefit.

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The Handbook of Measurement Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice

  This volume of the series was designed to provide a comprehensive primer on the existing best practices and emerging developments in the study and design research on crime and criminology. The work as a whole includes chapters on the mea…

Epigenetics is “dangerously fashionable”

Say Brian Boutwell and J.C. Barnes at Nautilus: That’s right, the most compelling evidence for transgenerational epigenetics is in rodents, not humans. We are fans of animal research, but as Pinker noted, the strengths of it (fast reproductive cycles allowing for the study of numerous generations in a short window of time) may also curtail […]

Get real, forensic scientists: the CSI effect is waning

By Ahmad Samarji, Victoria University [Ed: Note - I'll be moderating a panel discussion in Wellington tonight featuring a scientist, criminologist, journalist and policeman talking about the science of crime - details here] You’ve heard of the so-cal…

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